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All Lakras Couture clothing and jewelry collections are developed in our self-managed studios in Colombia and NYC. Here, we create patterns and prototypes using techniques like draping and patchwork for clothing.


 We create custom clothing  orders that reflect your style and our commitment to sustainability, embodying Lakras' ethics and aesthetics. Our custom clothing includes options for events and celebrities, using techniques from intricate knitting to simpler shirts.


Our jewelry collection is crafted using techniques such as lost-wax casting and metalwork. We offer custom jewelry tailored to your measurements and preferences, perfect for events, galas, or engagements. Each piece is designed with a luxury touch, using materials like 950 silver, 18k gold—renowned for its purity in Colombia—along with diamonds and emeralds of exceptional quality.

Our studios are vibrant labs where garments and jewelry come to life. Whether you have a vision or need guidance, we're here to collaborate with you every step of the way.

For custom clothing or jewelry pieces, email us your measurements and requests 

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