Lakas was founded and is currently directed and run by Maria Alejandra Caicedo, also known as Alek @alekaicedo, Alek Lakras and Alejandra Caicedo.
Lakras from Colombia- Latin America, finds vitality within the diffuse limits between fashion-art-crafts, in order to create works and pieces for exhibition-sale or collaboration with other artistic projects.

It's  a laboratory of modified garments, accessories, crooked fabrics, experiential pieces; non-useful, decorative and mamarrachos objects. Lakras question incorporates the release of absurd forces through intuitions that result in different amulets.

Within its multiplicity, Lakras ranges from analogue and "Crafty" to a future of digital pieces. A game within an eclectic portal, but homogeneous. Like the search for "the future", which is not something that advances but is already here. A reality that extends to fictions or mythological characters that are friends themselves or is life itself.

Lakras insists on the processes that arise from the depths of affection, on the questions when working with others. The project insists on valuing what is handmade, non-mass productions, no garment seeks to be perfect.

Beyond being conceived only as a brand, the embodied value that it gives to its pieces transcends the ephemeral state of garments and manifests itself as something worthy of being treasured but that at the same time can be forgotten... but shared.