Lakras: The Independent Brand that is Breaking Down the Preconceived Limits of Colombian Design and Art Abroad

In the heart of Scotland, LAKRAS was the first Colombian brand chosen to showcase its collection at the prestigious DON’T WALK show where the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton once walked and grasped Prince William's attention.

LAKRAS explores the limits between fashion, art, and performance. This is the second display about the independent brand in the international fashion medium since it was also last September on NFW New York Fashion week.
This time with its statement: Don't Believe in safe spaces, become in your own witchcraft.

A detail from the Luttrell Psalter, showing an illustration of the Castle of Love.

LAKRAS FW23 seemed like a fairy tale from the rural Scottish countryside in support of two foundations : Families First and WaterAid. With 860 guests in attendance, the show was a massive success after heavy anticipation. Show featured an all-female team composed of directors, musicians, and artists. In previous Runways the St Andrews University Fashion Show has featured fashion houses like Raf Simons or Coco Chanel.

This year’s “The Haunted Castle” was the LAKRAS name collection that embodies from medieval times, fantasy and the mythological. Showcasing an event that supports individual expression and challenges preconceived standards. LAKRAS has always prioritized creative expression and pushing down Colombian design boundaries.

80 años de 'El mago de Oz', claves y curiosidades del clásico

LAKRAS is always willing for collective creations were 11 designers (Julicore, Mariposo, Laura Garrido, Namz Anil, Valentina Anzola, Katya, Travieso, Pelitoz Locoz, Daniela Gonzales, Tercer mundo, Fi Isidore) were involved Inspired by Scottish culture and magic past patterns LAKRAS drop different characters who seem to have lived in a mix of gothic past in contrast with Colombian designers and artists who worked in this full Collection.

The horror tale, primitive as it may be, is allegorical in nature; it is symbolic and not conscious. Likewise, LAKRAS “Haunted Castle” due to its visual composition, facilitates an aesthetic experience of experience, fantasy and performative evocation of ghosts.

Odd, Odder, Odd Nerdrum

The closest thing to an individual and collective catharsis; A melancholic scene of gray clouds that reminds the fear of the unknown and other monsters. This collection recalls with playfulness and color the primal fears of the human being: the immensity of the universe and of itself. “Arriving alone in Scotland with a giant suitcase is without a doubt the most beautiful and terrifying feeling in my life so far” says Alek Lakras founder. 

Different craft disciplines can be displayed in the collection: “The scarecrow”  Goes in search of that heart that he does not have, he builds one in tin like “The wizard of Oz” movie . This LOOK 4 shares an old discipline which connects both countries: Sheep Felted process who was working in Boyaca Colombian Mountains.

Another curious character was “The Punki witchard” with a big blue hat and spiral hair about to be cast with hypnosis made in La Vega Colombia.

Also “The circus courtesan”  was made by Screen printing and draping technique by a Russian girl based in Tenjo Colombia too.

A “Ghost Empress” made by handmade knitting The empress is arcane number three of the tarot and is associated with the milky way. 

The Empress Meaning - Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings – Labyrinthos

“Business Bicho” made in collaboration with a Mexican artist who works with airbrushes.

Or the “Space Countess” who represent change of state of consciousness  who was wearing a painted sublimated corset with these Ovni glasses (Made between Bogota and Medellin) 

“The Fancy Hunter” looks like she is about to lead a war, she is wearing one of the garments which stole all the attention of the public: puffer jacket.

All these characters were accompanied by luxurious sets of silver jewelry made with pre-Columbian techniques that makes everything feel like a futuristic vintage fantasy.


The photos of the castle were taken with people that Alejandra met on the street and with her own performatic presence. We assume a personal and theatrical approach, where people become our canvas, and where fashion becomes the means through which we tell a story.

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