One of a kind custom

All development of the collections from Lakras Couture line takes place in our autogestioned studio in Colombia and NYC , where the magic unfolds from the creation of patterns to the development of prototypes, often utilizing the technique of draping and patchwork, as we bring each design to life.
If you desire a one-of-a-kind piece tailored specifically for you  we request you to send us an email with the details of your specific measurements. 
  1. Chest circumference
  2. Waist circumference
  3. Hip circumference
  4. Shoulder width
  5. Sleeve length
  6. Inseam length (for pants)
  7. Desired length (for dresses, skirts, or pants)
  8. Any additional measurements or requests

We also offer custom orders that align with your individual style and sustainability embodying Lakras ethics and aesthetics.

Our studios is more than just a regular workspace. It's a vibrant laboratory where garments come alive! Whether you've got an idea in mind or need some guidance, we're here to collaborate.

Just shoot us an email at with all the deets.