About Us.

By looking into the past, we are building the future. LAKRAS finds vitality within the diffuse limits between fashion/art/language. Creating pieces for exhibition, sale, or collaboration with other artistic projects.

LAKRAS was founded and is currently directed by Maria Alejandra Caicedo, also known as Alek @alekaicedo. Established in 2018, LAKRAS lives around the world but was conceived in Colombia and New York.

It is a laboratory of modified garments, twisted fabrics, experiential pieces and whimsical objects. LAKRAS incorporates the release of absurd forces through intuitions that result in unique magic amulets.

Beyond consumption, fashion for LAKRAS is a space of encounter.a playful exploration within an eclectic yet cohesive realm. This no future reality includes fictions or mythical characters who are either friends or representations of life itself.

LAKRAS values handmade, and no garment seeks to be perfect.

Beyond being conceived only as a brand, the embodied value LAKRAS gives to its pieces transcends the ephemeral state of garments and manifests as something worthy of being treasured but that at the same time can be forgotten... but shared. 

LAKRAS is an invitation to live in the present, to step out into the world and ask, how can I play with it? 

For me, LAKRAS is an allegory of friendship.