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I'm Alek, the founder of LAKRAS . It's a realization we wish had come earlier, but here it is: At Lakras, we're all about sharing our journey of growth, whether you're a brand or an influencer yourself. We get the hurdles and the need for effective delegation, which is why we've launched our new Agency services. They're designed to support your growth and success, guided by our crystal ball insights.


I want to share that LAKRAS has grown organically through social media, connecting with real customers and stores. This success allowed me to move from Colombia to NYC. LAKRAS has been featured in recognized magazines, gained significant traction on Instagram, and made a mark at four global fashion weeks thanks to our avant-garde approach.Join our services to expand your reach. While we focus on fashion, we also work with various other niches, making our services ideal for startups, large corporations, celebrities, and influencers.


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